Project items

Customer Journey Guide gives you possibility to create different types of project items. You will usually need to start with Customer Journey Framework, out of which you will be able to define multiple Hero Journeys. You can always use Free-form items for playing around.

Customer Journey Framework

Customer Journey Framework is special. It defines all the customers' interactions with your company. It also divides them into set of steps and phases. Each step briefly describes its minimum standards = what should be done or met at that point.

Hero Journey

Once you define Customer Journey Framework, you can create a Hero Journey as an ordered list of chosen interactions from the framework. Each column of Hero Journey is therefore bound to a specific interaction. Creating journeys will help you break down the worst interactions and rapidly improve customer experience.

Free-form items

Sometimes you will find a need to play around without touching the framework or any other Hero Journeys. Then a free-form item is exactly what you need. It is also the best choice for presentation purposes.

Different content types

Create visually appealing content using variety of different lane types. You can choose from rich text, image, emotional graph or free-form type. Decide whether you want to bind the content to a step or a phase.


Interactions are used to reflect customer interactions with your company in the Customer Journey Framework. Use colors to visually mark the high or low-quality interactions.

LIbrary of Minimum interaction standards

Each interaction defines a set of minimum standards, which should be met when using the interaction in a Hero Journey. A minimum standard is usually defined from the customers' perspective. The unified customer experience comes from implementing the same set of principles and standards across all the usages of the interaction.


Define personas for your project and assign them to project items as you see fit. You can upload and select profile picture, name the persona and put a nice description together.

You will gain an access to rich set of iconography as part of the license to use the Customer Journey Guide. Additionally, you can upload images into media gallery of each project and use them in any of its project items.

Different user roles

Our application supports two roles of users - regular users and company administrators. The company administrator role gives you possibility to manage all accounts within your company. This gives you power over who can access the application.

Read or write access

Not only you can choose who will be able to access any project or project item, you can also define whether this access will be read-only or read-write.

Anonymous sharing

Share any project item anonymously. Generate a unique link and send it to anyone. The person with access to this link can see the linked item and comment on the content.


Provide feedback by commenting on the content of the project item. Comments work for both logged in users with access to the item and for anonyomous users who received the generated link.

Change notifications

Any change in the framework can cause breaking changes in the Hero Journeys. Our guide carefully watches what changes are made and lets you know, when there is a potential of breaking any bound Hero Journey. Some of the changes can only be informational, but some will definitely require user input, in order to maintain unified customer experience.

Export to PDF

Our tool supports exporting project items and personas to a PDF format, so that you can print it. Or actually you don't really need to - save the planet.

Clone the items

Do you need to play around with a copy of the Hero Journey? Or maybe you need another bound Hero Journey, but with only small modifications? Perhaps you need to have another copy of the whole framework with all bound journeys. Don't worry. Our clone functionality covers all these cases and much more.


Make the right move

Make sure that your company is considered as being one organization, one brand, one entity. Do something for your customers, right now.